Long term research of Miscanthus phytotechnology with biomass production, NULES, Ukraine

NULES team led by PPD, Dr. Stefanovska continues the long-term study of Miscanthusxgiganteus phytotechnology with biomass production at the research crop’s plantation established at the University Agricultural field in 2016. Plantation was updated in the current size in 2019.

The following parameters of the technology are evaluated at this field:

  1. Observation of morphometric indicators of M. x giganteus growth and development.

  2. Measuring of chlorophyll parameters, using FluorPen.

  3. Evaluation the content of metals in the soil and plant’s parts.

  4. Survey of nematodes communities during growing of M. xgiganteus.

  5. Green” and “brown” harvests values.

PhD student Artem Medkow is measuring the plant's stress
Measuring the plant's height
Dr.Tatyana Stefanovska at NULES research field, April 2020
brown harvesting, April 22, 2020

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