Monitoring mission to the research sites at Czech Republic

On August, 17-18 prof. Pidlisnyuk and Trogl made a control mission to the research sites in Mimon (contaminated and control plots) and deposit site in Chomutov.

The both plots in Mimon show the good shooting rate of Miscanthus xgiganteus about 60%, and plantations are not much littering by weeds. The plantations were established in June because of delay in permission for planting and overcame the extremely hot temperature waves were in Czech Republic in July and August.

On August 18 prof. Pidlisnyuk and Trogl visited the deposit site planted at the Agricultural research station in Chomutov and met with Ing.Honzuk, head of department at the unit. The necessary work on maintaining plantation and cleaning it from weeds was discussed, also ways of treatment the MxG plantation by PGRs in 2018 was overviewed.
discussion the joint research on PGRs
First year plantation of MxG at Mimon (contaminated soil)
Former airport Hradcany, Mimon
Meeting at Chomutov agricultural station prof.Pidlisnyuk,, Ing.Honzik
monitoring of the control site,Mimon
monitoring of the deposit site, Chomutov
Mxg at the contaminated site, Mimon

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