Monitoring of the research plantation in Dolyna, Ukraine

On August, 30 a research team from NULP, Ukraine: Dr.Sc. Pavlo Shapoval, Co-Director and young researchers: Dr.Martyn Sozansky and Dr. Vitalyi Stadnik visited the research miscanthus plantation in Dolyna and did the regular monthly monitoring. The height of the plants, the number of shoots and the surviving rate were under investigation. They also measured the stress indicators using the shared with UJEP equipment FluorPen. Necessary maintaining was done and weeds were partly deleted manually. The necessary arrangement for the final measuring upon harvest was done as well. There are three different miscanthus plantations under the investigation in Dolyna research field, i.e.: 3 years’ plantations (contaminated-site 1; control-site 2) planted in 2017 while rhizomes were treated by PGRs: Stimpo, Regoplant, Charkor and 2 years’ plantation planted in 2018 (site 3) while different soil amendments (organic and mineral fertilizers, liming) were incorporate into the soil and rhizomes were treated by PGR Charkor.
Dr.Stadnyk while measuring plant's stress, site 3
Dr.Sozanskyi while measuring plant's bioparameters
Dr.Stadnyk while measuring bioparameters
site 1, 2017 planting
site 2, 2017 planting
site 3, 2018 planting

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