Nematology cooperation establishment with KSU

Assoc. Prof. Tatyana Stefanovska had meeting with the nematode specialist in Kansas State University Tim Todd. The meeting objective was to discuss the possibility of cooperation in nematodes as indicators of soil health researches in the frame of NATO SPS # G4687 project. Tim Todd had a solid research background in nematode ecology and had experience in study of contribution of nematodes to the structure and function of the soil, as well as nematode community responses to environmental disturbance. He was involved in collaborative research in remediation with using nematodes as indicators during bioremediation (more microbial than plant) of petroleum and brine contamination.

Tatyana Stefanovska visited the Tim Todds’ Nematode laboratory and observed the methods of nematodes isolation in nematode ecology study. It was agreed to incorporate the study of nematodes as indicators of soil quality change to the ongoing researches of miscanthus biomass Miscanthus x giganteus production in Fort Riley Military contaminates site which is carried out by KSU team of NATO SPS G4687. The researches will be done in cooperation with leaded by Tatyana Stefanovska nematology group.

Photo 1. Tatyana’s Stefanovska Visit of Tim Todd’s Nematology Lab.

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