New equipment at NULES, Ukraine

In Mil5 two items of equipment were purchased by NULES team: analyzer KH-2M for measuring the oil-products concentration in the soil, water and plant tissues and scanning spectrophotometer Ulab 108 UV for measuring organic substances including pesticides. The equipment will be used for measuring oil-products in the soil and miscanthus tissues in the on-going experiment with artificially oil- contaminated soil jointly operated by researchers from NULES team: Maria Obruch, Ludmila Kava, Svitlana Yaschuk and young researchers from NULP: Martin Sozanskyi and Vytaliy Stadnik as well as researcher from partner’s university Dr.Andryi Herz . On June, 25 the introduction of the new equipment was done at NULES during University annual control mission provided by the top-management of the university (more info at:, in Ukrainian). Necessary arrangement was accomplished for incorporation the equipment to NULES official equipment and laboratory data base.

Having background in analytical chemistry young researchers Vitalyi Stadnid and Martin Sozanskyi are skilled in the bought equipment operation. On June, 25 they provided training on using of KH-2M and spectrophotometer. Young researchers from NULES G4687 team and faculty members from NULES attended the training in Kyiv.Having opportunity to host partners from NULP, the research flooding meeting was organized by Dr.Stefanovska, NPD in which members of two Ukrainian teams discussed the on-going experiment in Dolyna, Tokarivka and Ternopil and shared the results of experiments done in 2017-2018.

The new equipment will be jointly used by NULES and NULP teams.
participants of training at NULES
young researchers Maria Ovruch and Vytalyi Stadnik are answering for questions
introduction of equipment for members of NULES team
General Accounter of NULES Ms.Kudritska checks the financial papers
flooding knowledge meeting of teams from NULES and NULP, Ukraine
Cheching the documentation of equipment

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