New study at Kansas State University, USA

Zafer Alasmary, a Ph.D. candidate, working with Dr. Ganga Hettiarachchi at Kansas State University conducting a soil incubation study to evaluate how various soil amendments affecting the speciation and bioaccessibility of lead in soil, collected from the Fort Riley, U.S.A. military site.

In this study Zafer is testing a total of 9 treatments over 3 or 4 time periods (7,30, 90, and 180 days). Treatments are as follows: control with no amendment; triple superphosphate (TSP)- X rate; TSP – 2X rate; apatite-X rate; apatite-2X rate; struvite- X rate; struvite- 2X rate; biosolids-X rate; biosolids- 2X rate; TSP+apatite-2X rate; TSP+struvite-2X rate.  Sampling of soil for all 4 sampling times is completed and soils are being analyzed.
PhD student Zafer Alasmani doing analysis of soil samples
Incubation study set-up
Sampling soil for analysis

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