On-going research at Kurakhove

Yellow blue trap installed for monitoring of aerial-flying insects of M.x g.

On July 6-8, 2017 Dr.Volodymur Kvak (NULES) visited the experimental sites in KurakhovŠµ, Donetsk region. Research site is located at the place of former military activities and was appeared in 2015 during temporary occupation of that territory by Russian Military troops. Control site is located at the agricultural field in suburb. Research and control sites were established with assistance of the State Enterprise “Center for Certification and Examination of Seeds and Planting Material” (CCESPM), potential end-user of the phytotechnology. Dr. Kvak inspected established plots of M.xg., installed the insect traps and took soil samples for analysis.

It was observed that Mxg planted in autumn have shown better establishment results than those planted in spring. Due to the long spring drought (two months without precipitation), plants are currently in stress state and some already dried up.

Dr. Kvak had a meeting with CCESPM representatives Mykola Bilyi and Elvira Paschenko, potential end-users of the phytotechnology. They considered the idea to increase drought tolerance of Mxg by frequent watering and using amendments.

M.x g. experimental site with evidence of drought stress
Meeting with potential end-users
Sampling at the research site

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