Presentation results of the NATO project at Interreg meeting, Usti nad Labem

On February 20th, 2019 Interreg meeting held in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic having a goal to connect academic members, young researchers with regional business and small and medium enterprises. In the in beautiful interior of hotel Clarion faculty members, researchers and students from three university faculties introduced their high-tech discoveries and technology development that might be considerable for practical implementation. The potential of Miscanthus x giganteus as low-demanding biomass producing crop to be growing at the marginal land was introduced by members of UJEP NATO team: Dr.Josef Trogl, Dr.Hana Malinska and PhD student of the Technical department Hana Burdova.  Using poster, brochures and other illustrative materials (including miscanthus plant) team introduced the wide potential of this amazing bioenergetic plant to visitors.
presentation from Dr.Trogl on miscanthus phytotechnology
participants of the meeting

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