Strengthening cooperation within NATO team

In order to strengthen cooperation and information flooding between NATO teams from UJEP, NULES and NULP prof. Pidlisnyuk visited Ukraine on July 21-28 and attended partnering organizations: National University of Life and the Environmental Science (NULES, Kyiv), National University Lvivska Polytechnica (NULP, Lviv). She also visited Ternopil National Pedagogical University (TNPU) which become the partner of UJEP after Bilateral Agreement between UJEP and TNPU was signed on July 10,2019.

While in Kyiv (July, 21-23) professor Pidlisnyuk visited the newly opened Biotechnoogy Laboratory at the Faculty of Plant Protection and Biotechnology. NDP, Tatyana Stefanovska introduced the facilities and equipment available there can be used in the future joint research. Prof. Pidlisnyuk observed the research field of NULES where the third year miscanthus experiment is going on at the metals contaminated soil.

While in Ternopil (July, 24-25) professor Pidlisnyuk visited TNPU and met with the Rector of the University prof. Bogdan Buyak, Vice-Rector associate prof. Halina Falfushynska, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology prof. Nadiya Drobuk, assoc. professors Andrij Herz, Volodymur Chomenchuk, Oleksandr Khomenchuk. The signed bilateral Agreement between UJEP and TNPU was introduced and framework of the future cooperation including current research of miscanthus growing at the stimulated Pb-contaminated soils was discussed; options of the joint Master programmer with elements of phytotechnology was overviewed as well.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk led the training in measuring of the Plant stress which was organized jointly by UJEP and TNPU and provided by UJEP team’s members: Assoc. Professor Hana Malinska and PhD student Diana Nebeska. The training was attended by participants of NATO project and faculty members and students of TNPU. While at the training the knowledge and skills in using equipment for the measuring the plant’s stress was shared.

While in Lviv (July, 26-27) prof. Pidlisnyuk along with NDP, Tatyana Stefanovska visited NULP. They observed the new equipment for measuring the content of oil compounds and organic substances in the soil and plant’s tissues purchased within NATO G4687 and installed at NULP. With Co-Director Dr. Pavlo Shapoval, young researcher Dr.Martin Sozansly (NULP) and Dr. Tatyana Stefanovsla prof.Pidlisnyuk discussed the current state with measuring the results of Ternopil and Kyiv’s experiments. Along with Dr.Shapoval and Dr.Stefanovska prof. Pidlisnyuk attended the research field in Dolyna. The necessary arrangement for the further maintaining of that project’s research site in 2020-2021 years was done.
Dr.Shapoval introduced the newly purchased spectrophotometer
meeting with Rector of TNPU prof. Buyak and faculty members
research field at NULES at metals' contaminated soil
opening the training in Ternopil
prof. Pidlisnyuk and Dr.Shapoval observed field in Dolyna
Young researcher Dr.Sozansky introduced the newly purchased equipment for oil-products's measuring

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