The Final Meeting of the NATO SPS MYP G4687

The event was held remote on February 16, 2021. It aimed to summarize all project’s accomplishments in research & outreach, to overview achievements of teams from NATO countries: USA, Czech Republic and partners’ countries: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, to finalize the success’s indicators, to discuss requests to final technical & budget report and closure procedure. Another main goal was to introduce the role of young researchers and PhD students during project implementation, to discuss their professional development and to look forward to the joint research perspectives.

Altogether 32 individuals participated in the event, including NPD Valentyna Pidlisniuk (UJEP), PPD Tatyana Stefanovska (NULES), Co-Directors Ganga Hettiarachchi, Larry Erickson, Lawrence Davis (KSU), Pavlo Shapoval (NULP), Asil Nurzhanova (IPBB). Guests from liasoning institution Zeljka Zgorelec and Aleksandra Perčin (University of Zagreb, Croatia) attended the event along with end-users: Kraig Roozeboom (Kansas Agricultural Research Station, USA) and Andriy Hertz, Volodymyr Khomenchuk, Volodymyr Kononchuk (Ternopil University, Ukraine). Representatives from NATO SPS Program, NATO HQ Dr Loredana Enachescu, SPS Scientific Advisor and Mr Richard Brewin, Program Manager participated in the meeting as well.
Meeting participants
Introduction of the NATO SPS rules to the closing procedure by Dr. Loredana Enachescu
Closing remarks by Prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk.
Prof. Tatyana Stefanovska reported the activity of NULES, Ukraine
Mr Richard Brewin noticed that Climate Change measures were already included into NATO SPDS priorities
Zeljka Zgorelec reported the activity of University of Zagreb
Activity performed within the project
Prof. Ganga Hettiarachchi reported the activity of KSU, USA
Prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk showed the Project success criteria
Prof. Pavlo Shapoval reported the activity of NULP, Ukraine
Prof. Josef Trogl participated in discussion session.
Diana Nebeska reported her research within the project (UJEP, Czech Republic)
NULES Young researchers received training at domestic partner and liaisoning institutions in Nematology, Analytical and environemtnla chemistry, Plant Physiology, Soil ecology


Young researchers from each participating team took part in the event, i.e.: Josef Trogl, Diana Nebeska, Hana Malinska, Jan Cerny (UJEP); Maria Obruch, Artem Medkow, Ludmila Kava (NULES), Vitalii Stadnik, Martyn Sozanskyi (NULP), Bulat Kenessov, Kamilya Baidagurova, and Roza Aligurova (IPBB). Other young researchers joined the meeting, i.e.: Robert Ato Newton (UJEP), Ethan Duong (TU Dresden), Ales Paulu and Anna Hubatova-Vackova (the University of Chemical Technology in Prague), Aigerim Mamirova (Al-Farabi KazNU).

In the beginning, Dr Loredana Enachescu introduced the NATO SPS rules to the closing procedure of SPS MYP and explained main requests to the final technical and budget reports. Thereafter, each of the Co-Directors and Josef Trogl made a short intervention and described scientific results, activities related to strengthening cooperation between NATO and partners’ countries project’s participants, dissemination efforts and advocacy.

The young researchers: Diana Nebeska, Vytalii Stadnik, Artem Medkow, Bulat Kenessov, Kamilya Baidagurova, Roza Aligurova introduced their own research within the project and personal professional development.

Valentina Pidlisnyuk summed up the project’s progress indicators in accordance with the Initial Project Proposal Plan; she mentioned that initial indicators (indicating as 100%) have been estimated at the project’s end as 195%.

In the discussion following the perspective of future collaboration was overviewed including further research on energy crops value chain while converting biomass to military products as mitigation against Climate Change. Mr Richard Brewin commended this initiative and noticed that Climate Change measures were already included in NATO SPDS priorities.

The recorded video was disseminated to potential participants could not attend the event. The workshop was logistically supported by PhD student Aigerim Mamirova.

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