The International conference “Remediation Technology”, Czech Republic

The international conference “Remediation Technology” is a platform meeting organized by Ministry of the Environment of Czech Republic and Ministry of the Environment of Slovak Republic in cooperation with the business and university communities in order to exchange an innovative knowledge and share the practical experiment in the field of remediation of soil and water. The conference is organized annually and in 2018 was hosted on May 23-25 by firm Ecomonitoring in city Tabor, Czech Republic. Beside the ministries, the conference was supported by University of Chemical Technology in Prague, Masaryk University, Technical University in Liberec, Czech University of Life and the Environmental Sciences, University Pardubice and private firm EPS Biotechnology (all-Czech Republic) and University Kamenskoho in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

About 150 representatives from the private firms, faculty members and governmental officials involved in remediation technologies participated in the event in which the state of the art with the implementation of the different remediation technologies were discussed. The questions on eco-monitoring and assessment of the contaminated sites, new technique used and financial aspects of supporting the remediation activities were overviewed. The conference was consisted of plenary session, five working sections and poster’s presentation.

The governmental policy in the field of remediation of old contaminated sites including the military ones left after the Soviet Army was presented by Dr.Pribyl and Dr.Braha (Ministry of the Environment of Czech Republic) and Dr. Janova ( Slovak Republic). The current financial support of the remediation activities in the Czech Republic and perspective for the future was overseen by Mgr. Cermak and Mgr.Zborilova from the Ministry of the Finance of Czech Republic. The overview of the international projects related to remediation of the contaminated sites in the different countries was delivered by prof. Holoubek ( RECETOX), Dr. Benes (EPS biotechnology). Dr.Lacina (Geotest), Dr. Hrabak (TU in Liberec), Dr.Schwarz, (Envigeo) and Dr. Suchanek (CENIA).

Dr.Trogl and prof. Pidlisnyuk, UJEP, participated in the conference and shared the results of the phytotechnology with miscanthus developing within G4687 with the participants of the conference at the informal meetings and minutes. Specifically, the possibility to organize the event on presentation the phytotechnology with miscanthus was discussed with the representatives of the Ministry of the Environment of Czech Republic Dr. Pribyl, and representatives of the Slovak Environmental Agency Dr.Paluchova and Mgr. Bradiakova. Preliminary, the jointly event is planned to organize in mid-November, 2018 in Prague and the main auditorium the phytotechnology will be presented at is governmental officials and interested stakeholders from the Czech and Slovak Republics. The design of the event is under the development.

The participation of Dr.Trogl and prof. Pidlisnyuk in the conference, i.e. for presentation results of G4687, was supported by UJEP, Czech Republic.
Opening speech from Dr.Janko
Dr.Trogl participated in the discussion
from left to right Elena Bradiakova, Valentina Pidlisnyuk, Ivan Holoubek
Plenary report of Dr.Blaha, Ministry of the Environment, CR
Plenary report of Mgr.Cermak, Ministry of Finance of CR
Poster session
prof.Pidlisnyuk with Dr. Suchanek, Czech Information Agency on the Environment, CENIA

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