The UJEP miscanthus team meeting, May 15, 2019

On May 15, 2019 members of NATO team at UJEP: prof.Pidlisnyuk, young researchers Dr.Josef Trogl and Mgr.Hana Malinska, PhD student Diana Nebeska  had a regular working meeting on project research.  Two PostDocs affiliated with the project: Dr.Karim Al Souki and Dr.Kumar Pranaw  and  PhD student Hana Burdova participated in the  meeting along with visited professor Dr.Zeljka Zgorelec from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, liasoning institution of the project.

Two main questions were discussed at the event, i.e.:

-evaluation of six-month study of Dr. Karim Al Souki while at the Post Doc at UJEP;

-plans for the joint research at the experiment facilities established in Dolyna, Ukraine and at the partner’s university in Ternopil, Ukraine.

Dr. Al Souki presented results of 6-month study related to NATO project while at PostDoc position at UJEP. Specifically, with assistance from the technical personnel from the Department of the Technical Sciences soil samples at the research miscanthus fields in Chomutov, Vrsebonice and Hradcany were collected and passed to partner’s university in Prague for measuring content of C. The first results of that monitoring will be presented at the regular NATO team meeting scheduled for June, 26.

With assistance of PhD student Hana Burdova and Ing. Jan Strodl the pot experiment with artificially contaminated by different concentrations of metals: Zn, Pb and Cd and oil products as well as their mixtures was established, Mxg originated from Zagreb was planted in that experiment. The monitoring of the plant’s parameters will be provided throughout the vegetation season, at harvest concentrations of the pollutants will be determined at the plant’s tissues. The 6-month studying report was approved with the caution that first manuscript on results based at the experiment done at UJEP will be prepared and submitted till December 1, 2019.

At the second part of NATO working meeting the framework for joint research on stress measuring at the metals contaminated miscanthus site in Dolyna, and at the pot experiment with artificially oil-contaminated soils at Ternopil University was discussed.  The schedule for the soil sampling to be processed for the stress measuring at UJEP was developed.  Also plan for the preparation he manuscript based on the three years’ research experiment with soils from Bakar, Croatia was approved.
Dr.Zgorelec and Mgr. Malinska while at the evaluation
foreseen of the established experiment
members of the meeting at UJEP

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