The UJEP miscanthus team meeting

The UJEP miscanthus team meeting was held on January 18, 2019 in order to overview the state of the art with research fields in Czech Republic established within the project, i.e.:   Hradčany (visinity of Mimon), Chomutov and Všebořice. NDP Valentina Pidlisnyuk, members of UJEP NATO team:  Josef Trögl, Diana Nebeská, Hana Malinská and Jan Černý attended the event.  PhD student Hana Burdová, young researcher Jiri Štojdl and PostDoc Karim Al Souki partcipated in meeting as well. 

The  2018 data of  growing miscanthus  at three fields were discussed and perspective for research in 2019 was overviewed. In addition to existed data it is planned to accomplish the detailed analysis of the soil kharacteristics and contaminations  at  the research fields and to  present that data in a form of maps of the fields‘ characteristics. The monitoring of biomentic parameters during growing season and at harvest will be continued with requested picturing. In order to ensure the good growth of miscanthus in Mimon where the plantation will be re-established in spring 2019 is  was propose to use soil amendment-biochar, and to investigate the impact of its types (received after municipal waste treatment and after processing of biomass to energy) to miscanthus productivity.    

In addition the new research on  evaluation content of  C13/C12 in the soil  at   Chomutov and Všebořice miscanthus plantations at  3 depth has been initiated  by PostDoc Karim Al Souki in cooperation with PhD student Hana Burdová. The first results  will be reported to the team at the end of June, 2019.
discussion of results
discussion results of 2018 year
fields data
plans for 2019

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