UJEP cooperation with the Crop Research Institute, Research Station in Chomutov

Two miscanthus fields were established in 2017 and 2018 years in cooperation with the Crop Research Institute (CRI), Research Station in Chomutov. Both fields are located at the marginal land belonged to CRI. The effect of PGRs to miscanthus production are monitored there along with the changing of the soil microbial cpommunities during multiyears miscanthus growth.

On July, 2020 Master student Ethan Duong from the University of Applied Science in Dresden, joint the UJEP team receiving a three month Erasmus scholarship from the Leonardo-Buro Sachsen, Germany. Ethan will assist in maintaining fields in Chomutov and Lab experiment related to impact of miscanthus rhyzomes’ microbization to the biomass quantity. The experiment was established by Dr. Kumar Pranaw within his PostDoc study at UJEP.

PostDoc Kumar Pranaw and Master student Ethan Doung discussed the maitaining of the experiment
Discussion at the Crop Researech Institute, July 1, 2020
Introductory meeting, from left to right student Ethan Doung, Dr.Ustak, prof. Pidlisnyuk,Dr.Pranaw

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