UJEP PhD students at conference StudKon 2019

First year of “UJEP students of science and technology programmes conference StudKon2019“ took place in a pleasant environment of Pearl water court, farm house near Budyně nad Ohří, Czech Republic. The programme was divided in two days (June 10-11, 2019) and it consisted of oral presentations, poster presentations and discussions with invited guests about the possibilities of foreign experience and the employment of young scientists. The presented topics which reflected fields of study in UJEP Faculty of Environment, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering were very diverse: preparation and analysis of nanomaterials, nanotechnologies for biomedical applications, modification of conventional materials, environmental analytical chemistry, polluted river and dam sediments, phytoremediation and phytochemistry, mathematical modelling and simulations, material chemistry and others.

Two PhD students working on Miscanthus topic presented their results. Ing. Hana Burdová had presentation “First results of Miscanthus x giganteus root exudates analysis” about her work on development and optimalization of samples preparation procedure and analytical methods for detection of different root exudates produced in Miscanthus x giganteus rhizosphere. Ing. Diana Nebeská presented poster “Microbial and plant stress response during growing Miscanthus x giganteus in marginal lands: summary of first experiments” where she summarized results of pot experiments with Miscanthus growing in different marginal soils (contaminated with heavy metals, petroleum and with nutrition deficit). Effect of contamination on plant physiological parameters and effect of plant on soil microbial communities were studied.

Diana Nebeská’s poster was awarded with the 1st prize in Poster presentation competition.

Diana Nebeska at announcement of poster competition results
Conference participants
Prof. P. Janos and Dr. P. Kuran, dean of Faculty of Environment
Conference venue
Poster prize

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