Visit of partners from liasoning institution to NULES

In October, 9-17 2017 representatives of NATO G4687 liaisoning institution- Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn/Nematology Lab Dr. Andrzej Skwiercz and Dr. Franciszek Kornobis from the Department of Zoology, Research Institute of Plant Protection, Poland visited Department of Entomology at NULES, Ukraine. The visit of Polish scientists had two purposes:

  • to deliver Crossed-course in Nematology (Lectures/Laboratory exercises) to students specialized in Plant protection and to young researchers involved in G4687;
  • to conduct laboratory researches focused at sampling and isolation the nematodes from different soil samples where M. giganteus was grown, i.e: model pot experiment, deposit field at NULES, contaminated military sites in Dolyna (Ukraine) and Mimon (Czech Republic), research plot of the Institute of Bioenergy crop and sugar beet (Ukraine).

Polish scientists delivered two lectures to Bachelor and Master students at the Faculty of Plant Protection, Biotechnology and Ecology, NULES. The lectures had a goal to give students information about nematodes studying at the different soils in which M. giganteus growth.
The emphasis was made on the importance of nematodes as potential viruses’ vectors which cause the decrease of biomass while growing energy crops on agricultural land, abandoned sites including military ones.

Totally 35 undergraduate and graduate students and young researchers from the faculty of Plant protection, Biotechnologies and Ecology attended the Nematology crossed-course. They actively participated in classroom and laboratory sessions, and asked several questions regarding the role of nematodes in soil food web and how soil contamination may influence the nematode community compositions. The Crossed-course on Nematology developed by Dr. Skwiercz and Dr. Kornobis will be used by Associate professor Stefanovska for updating the course “Technology of beneficial organisms rearing and their use for biological control of pests” (first year Master study) and by Associate professor Kava for updating course “Agrozoology” (first year Bachelor study).

Dr. Skwiercz and Dr.Kornobis trained NULES G4687 young researchers Dr. Kava, Dr. Kvak and PhH student Medkov in procedure of isolation nematodes from soil samples using different methods, including centrifugation.

Polish scientists along with PPD Dr. Tatyana Stefanovska studied the fauna of nematodes at Miscanthus x giganteus grown at the contaminated/non-contaminated soil as well as impact of parasitic nematodes on biomass reduction, that research are within the frame of G4687 project.
NPD Director prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk attended the lectures being with mission trip to Lviv-Kyiv, Ukraine. She met with NULES team and representatives of liaison institutions for discussion results of ongoing research in Ukraine and Poland. The questions about chapters to the planning Book to be created within the project was overviewed and possibility to organize a professional meeting at WMU Lab in Gdyna on indicators of soil health using nematodes was conferred. She also observed the new equipment (centrifuge and binocular) purchased within G4687 for providing research on nematology indicators.
Photo 1. Dr. A. Skwierch?s lectur e for undergraduate students.
Photo 2. Dr. F Korbobis?s lec ture for graduate students
Photo 3. Dr. Skwierch is answering questions followed by the lecture for graduate students
Photo 4. Undergraduate students and NATO G4687 team at the Polish scientists lecture
Photo 5. PPD Prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk and NULES team at the Department of Entomology
Photo 6. Rector of NULES Prof. S.Nikolayenko, Dr. A Scwierch, Dr. Kornobus, Dr.Tatyana Stefanovska and Dr. Mycola Moroz while discussing purposes of Polish scientist visit of NULES
Photo 7. Discussion of future plans
Photo 8. Soil samplings at the research plot of Institute of Bioenergy crops and sugar beet
Photo 9. F. Kornobis is showing to Artem Medkov how to isolate nematodes using the Decantation on sieves method
Photo 11. A. Skwierch trains graduate students and Dr. V. Kvak in nematode isolation techniques
Photo10. Undergraduate students are learning the Method of Nematode isolation using Centrifuge

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